Chania Tour


Chania is the second biggest city on the island and its long history goes back to 3650 BC. The city was first founded by Minoans and flourished from then on, in ancient and byzantine years. In 1204 AC it was conquered by Venetians and  4 centuries after by the Turks, until its freedom in 1898, so Chania old town constitutes a historical monument in itself.

Discover the old town of Chania, which is surrounded by the Venetian castle walls, and wander around the numerous narrow pebbled roads, full of beautiful traditional buildings and cute small cafes, restaurants and shops where you can find a large variety of goods. Visit the “Firkas” castle of Chania and the interesting “Naval Museum” of Chania to dive deeper into its history. Follow the road to the Venetian harbor and walk by the sea, while enjoying the view, the beautiful cafes and the remarkable restaurants.  

Moreover, in the modern city area of Chania, you will find a big shopping area, where you can enjoy your shopping. Chania, this cultural crossroad, is a city worth visiting during your holidays in Crete.

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