Zeus Cave - Lassithi Plateau


Krassi village

First stop at Krassi village. Krassi is a traditional cretan village where you can admire the traditional cretan architecture and walk on paved streets. In the central square you will see

three majestic plane trees and an impressive stone-built fountain that pours spring water.

The biggest plane tree is the trademark of Krassi. It has a perimeter of 24 meters, it is estimated to be more than 2000 years old and it is considered to be one of the 5 biggest trees in Europe.

Zeus Cave

The cave where Zeus, the father of the Olympian Gods, was born, is found in the village of Psychro on Lassithi Plateau. There you will have the chance to admire the magnificent cave and discover the scenery behind the great ancient myth.

Lassithi Plateau

The wonderful Lassithi Plateau is located on the peaks of Idi mountain at an altitude of 800 m. Every winter, Lassithi is covered with snow and many Cretans prefer it as a winter destination to admire the white landscape. The plateau’s soil, in combination with the suitable climate, is very fertile. Lassithi plateau traditionally supplies Crete with excellent quality potatoes and vegetables. A circular road of 23 km connects the 18 villages of the plateau. On our route, we will meet Tzermiado, the capital village of the Plateau, and many other beautiful and peaceful villages such as Ag. Georgios, Ag. Kostantinos and Psychro. In the Plateau, you will have the chance to stop at beautiful picturesque villages, have lunch and coffee and admire the landscape and the remaining windmills, the trademark of the area.

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